6 Theses on Pastors Helping Other Pastors

  1. Local churches are the most important institutions in the world today (Matt 16; 18 - exercising the keys)

  2. Pastors (elders/overseers - same office) are important because they lead local churches (Eph 4.11; 1 Pet 5.1-5; Heb 13.17)

  3. The great commission to all nations and even to all of Los Angeles County is bigger than what any one local church can accomplish. So, we must partner with other gospel churches (Matt 28.19-20).

  4. Pastors helping other pastors is a necessary way that pastors must obey the command to love their neighbor as they love themselves (Mark 12.31).

  5. Outside of pastoring his local church and discipling Christian/non-Christian neighbors personally, one of the most things a pastor can do for the great commission is encourage other pastors and stimulate them to faithfulness, growth, and excellence.

  6. We should thank God regularly and publicly for fellow churches and fellow pastors given by the Lord Jesus to our region and world (Eph 4.7-11; 1 Pet 5.5).

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