A Gospel Application to a Recent Transgender Decision

The World and Everything in It reports:

Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to ruling on school transgender policy » The high court also declined to take up a challenge to a Pennsylvania school district’s bathroom policy. It allows students who identify as transgender to use the bathrooms or locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.


The justices rejected an appeal from students who argued that policy violated their right to privacy.


That means a federal appeals court’s ruling and the school district’s policy will remain in place.

It's a shame that the Supreme Court's decision to hear the challenge to a school's transgender policy keeps the current policy in place. There may be other factors involved that I'm not privy to, so I can't call it sinful on the part of the Supreme Court.

The Bible teaches that God made male and female in his own image and that his design is good (Genesis 1.26-31). If you want to read more on the transgender issue read Andrew Walker's short article "5 Things Every Christian Must Know about the Transgender Debate."

The goodness of God in Christ enables us to know and love the truth God reveals in the Scriptures. We get to embrace the beauty of maleness and femaleness and how it ultimately points to the marriage of Christ and his church, where he laid down his life for her and where she is freed up to gladly submit to him.

If we (1) struggle with gender dysphoria, (2) believe the world's confusion on gender, or (3) self-righteously look down on others who reject Scripture's teaching, the good news is that Christ died to forgive sinners like us so that we can embrace both his good design for gender AND compassionately care for sinners rebelling against God's design.

Furthermore, we must speak the truth in love. The appeal from students that the transgender policy violates their right to privacy is correct, good, and righteous. The school district's bathroom policy is unrighteous, incorrect, and misguided, though likely well-intentioned. Christians can pray God grants righteous and truthful clarity on the transgender debate among the school district, the culture at large, and the supreme court justices.

Because God is good to us in Christ's life, death, and resurrection, Christians can be hopeful. Jesus is coming soon. He is the final and supreme judge. He loves sinners, both Christian and non-Christian. Let us hope in him. Let us follow him in loving our neighbors with the truth of God and his grace.

That same love beyond all measure,

Mocked and slain by hateful men,

Lives and reigns in resurrection

And can never die again.

Here is love for all the ages,

Radiant Sun of Heav’n He stands,

Calling home His Father’s children,

Holding forth His wounded hands.

Here is Love, verse 4 by Matt Giles