A Panel Discussion on "Ethnicity and the Church" at The Master's University

This panel discussion is session 3 building off of session 1 on The Fall, Racism, and Los Angeles History (audio here) and session 2 on a Biblical Theology of Ethnicity for the Church.

Our Session 3 Panel wanted to address these questions:

PJ and Matt: you gave us a lot to think about Monday and Wednesday in your sermons. Let’s review:

What was the most important idea you wanted someone in here to walk out remembering from your sermon? What is the most important first step of practical application?

All: We know this subject is important and want to talk about it, but it can be difficult and complex.

What is the most common mistake you think Christians make in trying to address this issue and what is a way forward if you find yourself hesitant or anxious about talking about it?

All: PJ talked about the dangers of ethno-centricity in his talk Wednesday.

How do we celebrate and enjoy our ethnicity while not becoming sinfully ethno-centric?

All: Churches come in all shapes and sizes, and often (though not always) reflect the demographics of their local communities.

How can we think biblically about ethnic diversity in our churches? If we are in a church that lacks diversity, how concerned should we be? What can we do about it?

All: Our speakers were clear that talking about racism is not a social gospel issue, it is a gospel issue.

As pastors, how would you shepherd a person in your church who might be concerned that this is a social gospel issue, or could be a slippery slope into the social gospel? What are some biblical considerations for answering that concern?

Here's the panel discussion video starting at 2:27 (audio below):

Here's the panel audio (video above):