Be a Church through whom Everyone Encounters Jesus

Every member in our church wants to pour out his life for God’s glory. That passion is planted in us by God himself when he gave us life in Christ Jesus. Our problem is that we’re not confident that we’re maximizing our impact to display God’s glory in our lives, families, or in our church family. What do we do? How should we move forward?

Jesus. Jesus will change us. He’ll grow us. He’ll send us. That’s what he does! He came to die for our sins and rise from the dead for our salvation. He promised that he’ll be faithful to complete the work he’s begun in us when he returns (Phil 1.6). But he’s working in us now (Phil. 2.13). So we must work out what he works into us (Phil. 2.12). What are we doing? We are striving to build up FSBC to be a church where everyone encounters Jesus in everything. Everyone encountering Jesus. That’s what we’re about. Because he changes us. He changes our church. So Jesus will explain the Word to us, he’ll embody himself to us in others, and he’ll cause us to enjoy him. As we encounter Jesus, we will explain and embody Jesus to others to the point where we enjoy Jesus with them.

If everyone encounters Jesus in everything then our church will grow in our enjoyment of him and witness to the world. We’ll grow into a healthy church. If we don’t encounter Jesus then it is just a matter of time before this local church dies.

As we encounter Jesus, let’s explain, embody, and enjoy Jesus today so that others may encounter Jesus through us.

In Christ Jesus,


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