Different Christian Articles on the Election Results

The Election Is Over. Let’s Get Political.

Jonathan Leeman explains where the real politics happens in America and in the world. I was nurtured at Capitol Hill Baptist Church for 6 months and equipped by 9Marks for 10 years so as I read his piece I saw a lot of the mentality that fed my thinking. He does a good job of addressing Christians from all voting perspectives.

I’m a black Christian, and guess what? Donald Trump’s America is my America, too.

Thabiti helps us feel the fear that many Christians have about a Trump presidency. The Christians who are happy that Trump won would do well to think and hear and feel the pain he communicates. He's very gracious, God-centered, and I agree with almost all he said.

President Trump: Now What for the Church?

Russell Moore once again cuts to the chase as to what our higher priority is: the kingdom of God. His theology and outlook on these things have helped me immensely. He seems to have the right stances on the social and ethical issues of the day and I can't think of where I disagree with him on these things.

Who else needs to hear some good news now that Trump is the president-elect?

Here is my attempt to point people to Jesus and a great commission perspective in light of the recent election.