Dr. Abner Chou on Revelation

I am not a dispensationalist and so I do not share Abner's interpretive approach to Revelation. However, I appreciate Abner's life and ministry that I would not want to be deprived of his insights into Revelation that I may appropriate and even learn Revelation from the best of this dispensational perspective.

Abner taught on Revelation for a conference for by brother Rick Zaman and his church family, Grace Bible Church in Virginia.

Revelation 1-3: The Practicality of Studying Revelation | teaching slides

Revelation 4-9: Christ the Hero | teaching slides

Revelation 10-14a: Reality of Evil and Resilience of God | teaching slides

Revelation 14b-19: God's Vengeance for His People | teaching slides

Revelation 20:7-10: God's Resolution of the Problem of Evil | teaching slides

I commend Jim Hamilton's approach: "The job of those who would exposit the text of Revelation is to explain to the people of God the relevance of the simple message that though their experience may not seem to reflect it, in reality God is in heaven reigning on his throne, Christ has been raised from the dead, he has taken control of history, while the dragon has a short time in which to pursue his purposes. A day will come soon when Christ will return on a whitehorse to judge the wicked and reward the repentant who remain faithful to the word of God and the testimony of Jesus."

Read the whole article: Suffering in Revelation: The Fulfillment of the Messianic Woes, by James M. Hamilton Jr., The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology · SBJT 17/4 (Winter 2013)

My thought here is akin to the way John MacArthur critiqued the older dispensationalists of not properly applying the Sermon on the Mount to the churches today. I think that's a fitting analogy to my disinterest in hearing this book being exposited from that perspective.