Getting a Visitor's Perspective on Your Church

The church is the body of Christ sent to unite people to Jesus and itself and take responsibility for one another's discipleship. It is the central display of God's glory in the world today. Therefore, we must seek to improve our church life in every way possible.

To that end I want to have a regular way of having visitors, new members, and more tenured members give helpful feedback on the church and its ministry. Visitors and new members have a fresh perspective that is less familiar with the rhythms of the church. They can see things more tenured members no longer see. Leaders need to know what is not going well that so they can improve. And they need to know what the church is doing well and why it’s going well or they won’t sustain and improve it.

Here are some questions I want those who visit or join our church to answer as this survey should be regularly available to them:

Sunday Gatherings:

  1. Did God speak to you from the preaching of God’s Word? What went well in the preaching? What improvements do you suggest?

  2. Were you encouraged in your soul during our singing? What went well and what improvements would you suggest?

  3. Did you feel encouraged meeting today with other Christians? Did you feel you had an adequate opportunity to encourage someone else?

  4. Are you clear on your next step to grow in your relationship with Christ through sharing life with this church? Did we make it clear?

  5. Did you feel it was easy to find a seat? Did you feel those around you were welcoming or cold as you thought about sitting next to them?

  6. Did you feel welcomed in the parking lot? Was it easy to find the information table to get the information you needed as a visitor? Did you have a hard time finding the main auditorium? The bathrooms? The children’s class area?

  7. How do you feel about our services to children?

Non-Sunday Gathering questions:

  1. Is our website informative and easy to use? How can we improve it?

  2. Are the leaders communicating and active enough on social media?

  3. Is it easy to find the church office?

  4. Do you find it easy to get your questions answered by the church during the week?

  5. What do you think we're doing well as a church?

  6. What do you think we are doing poorly as a church?

What do you think about this list? What would you add to this list? What would you take out? Let us know in the comments!