God's Word to Me when My Heart was Heavy

Today I did stuff with a heavy heart. You know the kind of weight that bugs you all day. Where you replay conversations and think of what you should have said. The tension of a personal relationship with strife and conflict. My heart was heavy today.

Yet God sent me to lead a bible study for my church family. So We looked at Mark 9.2-13 and it was what I needed for my soul. Jesus' disciples were a bit disoriented as well. Perhaps they were heavy hearted. They were certainly confused. They just identified Jesus as the Messiah, the conquering king who would restore their nation above all nations. But as soon as Jesus is identified, he starts talking about his destiny to die. Then he tells them that his disciples, anyone who wants to follow him, must deny themselves and die daily like he will die on a cross.

In the midst of their heavy heart and confusion, Jesus is transformed before them. His clothes are dazzling white. Moses who lived 1400 years and Elijah who lived at least 800 years before that moment stood with Jesus. Three of the disciples looked on. They were terrified and shocked. Then a voice comes from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him!" (v. 7). God was telling them to listen to Jesus.

And that's what God is telling me and you. If your heart is heavy, if life is tough right now, if you're in the midst of trial or tribulation, and even if you're not, God's word to you is: Listen to Jesus. Look at Jesus. He's the Messiah. He's my Son. He's glorious. He came to die for your sins. He rose from the dead. He is to be consuming your heart, emotions, and attention more than the current storm in my heart. And he is to be focused on in the midst of the storm in my heart.

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So look at Jesus. Listen to him. Read a gospel account (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). Listen to an expository message on one of their passages. Or read another portion of the Bible and listen to Jesus. Ask God's Spirit to show you Jesus' glory (John 16.14) and hear Jesus' voice.