How to Put Together the Gospel and Social Action without Confusing the Two

Tim Chester is really helpful on how we relate word ministry (he calls this evangelism) with social action. He summarizes it this way in his book, Good News to the Poor: Social Involvement and the Gospel:

1. Evangelism and social action are distinct activities

2. Proclamation is central

3. Evangelism and social action are inseparable

For an explanation see his book or read these two articles:

  1. "Social Involvement and Evangelism (Part 1): Two Strong Cases"

  2. "Social Involvement and Evangelism (Part 2): How They Relate"

To see Tim Keller's take on "The Gospel and the Poor," see his Themelios article.

Leave a comment. How do you see the gospel and social involvement relating? If you give a reason or two, even better.