I Officially Graduated!


Components of the video: May 2020 SBTS commencement; PJ's speech at the BBC pulpit; Mohler's December 2020 address to PJ's class; Parents and John Lee prayed; thank you credits and group zoom picture-taking.


Through the doctor of ministry degree, Southern Seminary equips leaders, strengthens churches, and makes an impact on the world with the message of Jesus Christ. The D.Min. helps ministers achieve excellence in the ministries they serve and their personal lives.

The DMin concentration in biblical theology at Southern equips pastors and ministry leaders to understand the Bible in accordance with the intentions of its Spirit-inspired human authors. The degree builds on the foundation laid in the student’s Master of Divinity program by strengthening the student’s skill in the biblical languages and in putting the whole Bible together for the purpose of expository preaching that declares the whole counsel of God.

Jesus taught the authors of the New Testament how to understand the Old Testament, and Jesus himself learned to understand the Old Testament from the way the Old Testament Prophets interpreted Moses. The DMin concentration in biblical theology at Southern equips pastors and ministry leaders to understand and embrace the interpretive perspective that is reflected in the writings of the Old and New Testaments, the interpretive perspective Jesus taught his followers.


As graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we hereby declare to the watching world that we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who are called to ministry and service by the power of the Holy Spirit. By grace we have been saved, and by grace we have been called into the service of our Lord and of his Christ.

On this day of graduation and commencement, with gladness we join that long line of faithful servants who have gone before us. With gratitude we have received the privilege of theological education.

We are now stewards of a priceless inheritance and servants of a church that has been fed by generations of pastors and shepherds, planted by missionaries, served by those who labored in obscurity, and watered by the blood of martyrs. We now take up our charge and eagerly take our place. We stand on the truth of God's Word, on the power of the Gospel, and on the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

We will minister in fidelity and in the purity of the Gospel, letting no harm come to the church by our hands, no injury by our tongues, and no hindrance to the Kingdom by our lives.

We are unashamed of the Gospel, determined to serve wherever God may call us, knowing that by the power of the resurrected Christ, our labor is not in vain. We are heralds of the good news, stewards of the mysteries of God, and torchbearers to the nations.

We are soldiers of Christ, arrayed in truth, and we commit the length of our days to the service of our Savior. We are graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. By God's grace, we are the next in line.