It Takes a Village... to Deliver a Baby

My wife and I are home safe now after giving birth to our first child less than 5 hours ago. More details on that in a future post perhaps. As I wait for some accessories for the baby to sterilize in boiling water I wanted to recap how sharing life with others was needed for my wife to pull off the amazing feat of giving birth to our fifth. Here's the village:

  1. My brother Eric picks up my 4 kids to take them back to his place at 5am.

  2. My sister-in-law Jennifer lends us her car seat that Eric brings.

  3. My FSBC fam prays for us and graciously let's me cancel bible study. My biological fam prays too.

  4. We go to the birthing center and are sent back home. So we pick up our 4 kids. Then I ask Marcelino to be a standby back up if I call the FSBC fam for Wednesday evening bible study. He agrees.

  5. A future(?) FSBC member texts me that we can take our kids to their place as a last resort. It's good to have a plan B.

  6. Kim agrees to take care of their baby at the FSBC building so Marcelino can back me up so we can serve our members.

  7. Marcelino and Kim agree to stay at my place until those sleeping over to watch the kids come. I send them home thinking labor won't happen for a while.

  8. I was wrong. After they left it was go time. I run to get David and Tatiana to watch the kids until our FSBC (future?) fam members come.

  9. Chris and Bethany get here to watch kids.

Now we're back home with our new baby. I'll post a picture and stats later most likely. But for now, I just want to pause and thank God, my family, and my FSBC family and friends for enabling us to deliver the baby. God is good to us in Messiah Jesus! And he's good to give us family, church family, and now add to our family.