Prayer Requests for My 2016 Birthday

I already received some birthday greetings from those in the Philippines. Thank you so much. The greetings are a blessing and an expression of your love.

For some, God may be moving to do more than greet me. And God knows I need the love of others in my life. The best thing you can do is pray to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (based on his name and righteousness alone) for me. Here are some ways you can pray for me:

1. Ministry request: Pray that God would give me problems that I cannot solve. This will help me trust God and not myself for life and ministry.

2. Family request: Pray that I would enjoy my kids daily as I seek their joy in Christ Jesus. Childhood is flying by and memories are made just as quickly as opportunities are lost.

3. Personal request: Pray that I would humbly seek God in his Word and prayer while I also openly confessing sins to God and my church family. I desire to abide in Christ Jesus deeply. Pray that I would flee secrecy and excuse-making and instead humbly cling to the cross in repeated repentance and trust.

Two other ways the Lord might lead you to tangibly bless me is (1) by babysitting my kids at my place so I can take my wife on a date (if I and my wife both know you well enough and trust you with our kids) and/or (2) giving a donation to help with my doctoral studies in Biblical Theology. You can read my reasons for going back to school here.

You can let me know you're willing to babysit and set a date by emailing me at

You can give online (or mail a check to First Southern Baptist Church, 10010 Somerset Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706) to support my doctoral studies.

Thank you for the birthday greetings everyone!