What Do You Love about Your Church?

Why do you thank God for your church family? I want those who read this to leave a comment. Why? Because if you take the time to think and type out what you love about your church it will increase your love for your church and your gratitude to our Father in heaven. Those are good things! The local church is the most important institution on planet earth at this time. It is the visible expression of the Universal Church made up of all who are truly united to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Name your church and its city.

I'm thankful to the Lord Jesus for First Southern Baptist Church in Bellflower, Southeast LA County because they are committed to strengthening me and my family spiritually. God has given us a culture that is generally sweet, spiritually-minded, and genuinely caring for each other's needs. I have brothers and sisters challenge me, pray for me, correct me, bear with me, and serve alongside me. I love that we are intergenerational, multi-ethnic and multicultural, and that we are growing in our love for God's Word. I'm excited for Christians who visit our church to be genuinely encouraged in Christ by sharing life with us on any given Sunday. In that sense, I'm proud of this family.

What do you love about your church? Please leave a reply below.