What is Biblical Theology? An attempt at a simple and transferable answer for discipleship

What is biblical theology? Biblical theology is the study and application of Scripture using its own terms connected to the whole Bible with its storyline pointing toward Jesus Christ.

I tried to make this definition as succinct as possible. When I stated it to my church members today I was still met with blank stares. So I restated it in a way to try to help them get handles on it. I said biblical theology is studying and applying the Bible in light of 3 C's.

Biblical theology is studying the Bible in light of the canon, chronology, and Christ.

Canon: the text studied and applied must be understood in connection and cohering with all of Scripture.

Chronology: the text of Scripture should be studied and applied in light of the storyline of Scripture from creation, fall, Abraham, Israel, Kingdom, Exile, Return from exile, Jesus, Church, and Consummation.

Christ: The Scriptures should be studied and applied in light of Christ. One must be careful to legitimately connect the text to Christ through the storyline, typology, themes, the gospel need for salvation, or through the way the New Testament uses the Old Testament.