Sitemap - 2018 - A Christward Life

"Are you a Calvinist? If you are this interview process is dead right here."

Issues in Evangelicalism in 2016 by D. A. Carson (2 Videos)

Preaching from Apocalyptic Texts with a Focus on the Book of Revelation by D. A. Carson

Preaching and Theology with D. A. Carson (Videos)

4 reflections on The #StatementOnSocialJustice (The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel)

How to Put Together the Gospel and Social Action without Confusing the Two

First Take Response to John MacArthur's Article: "The Injustice of Social Justice"

Holy Nationalism

My Discussion with Phil Johnson regarding MacArthur's Post on the Necessity of Social Justice

My Debate with James White on Whether the Radical Unity Secured by the Imputation of Christ's Righteousness Destroys Other Connections that May Bring Division among God's People

Toolbox to Skillfully Shepherd your Fellow Church Members

What We Need to Know About Marriage

Seeing the Glory of God through Faith in Jesus (An Edifying Observation from John 1 and 11)

Pastor Help: Cleaning Church Rolls and Restoring Meaningful Membership

What is Church Membership?

Iowa, Abortion, and the Fundamental Right of Women

The Story of the Bible: God's New World Paradise to Come

A Panel Discussion on "Ethnicity and the Church" at The Master's University

For pastors/leaders: Don Carson’s 5 characteristics of Christian Preaching

For pastors/leaders: D. A. Carson on 5 Elements of Expository Preaching and a Defense on Why it Ought to be Primary

Sermon Video/Audio: Where to Focus when your Heartbroken (Matt 1.18-25)

God, Ethnic Harmony, and the Church - A Biblical Theology of Ethnicity Sermon-Lecture at The Master's University (Video and Audio)