Sitemap - 2019 - A Christward Life

Jonathan Edwards on this world being "the best of all possible worlds"

Book Review: Wisdom in Leadership by Craig Hamilton

Church Revitalization: Completed

A Gospel Application to a Recent Transgender Decision

Sixty-Six Years Ago Martin Luther King Jr wrote a letter from a Birmingham Jail

If Ethnocentric Oppression Exists in America, how should pastors (and all American disciple-makers) disciple their people?

This Sunday Morning with Bethany Baptist Church (links to songs included)

Should I Leave My Church? Three Questions to Ask One Another

New Article at Desiring God on helping others who are deciding to leave your church

A (Failed?) Twitter Convo with a Fellow Pastor on Ethnocentric Oppression

A possible reason why pastor-theologians are "more important" than specialist-theologians in God's Kingdom Enterprise

What does a pastor do? The Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities of a Pastor/Elder/Overseer

Expository Exultation of Matthew 6.25-34

My take on the Eventful 2019 Shepherds' Conference Q&A Panel on Social Justice with Phil Johnson, John MacArthur, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, and Lig Duncan

Why Albert Mohler Could Not Assent to the Social Justice and the Gospel Statement

50 Years Ago Today John MacArthur first Preached at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles

How can a Christian (and pastor) be effective and faithful in a confused age?

Quick Take on Voddie Baucham's message "Defining Social Justice"

What is Biblical Theology? An attempt at a simple and transferable answer for discipleship

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Lessons learned from Russ Moore's journal article: "The Kingdom of God in the Social Ethics of Carl F. H. Henry"