Sitemap - 2020 - A Christward Life

I Officially Graduated!

Reflections on Question 1: What Do We Mean by "Biblical Theology"?

Mark Dever on Pastoring, Preaching, Rejoicing, and Discipling (4 addresses and 4 Q&As; Acts 29 US West Training, 2020)

God Blesses through a Friend's Rebuke

7 Pastors Discuss the Challenge of Ethnic Harmony and Race Today in the USA

Expository Exultation Sermons on 2 Peter

What the 4th of July Means to Me in 2020

OT Overview Sermons

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Sermon Series by John Piper

Expository Sermons on Psalm 8

Resources for Biblical Manhood (Masculinity) and Womanhood (Femininity)

Psalm 13 Expository Sermons

Should Christians pursue unity or purity in these divisive days of disagreement?

Race and the Christian: An Evening with John Piper, Tim Keller, and Anthony Bradley (2012, New York City)

Psalm 11 Expository Sermons

A Long and Unedited Conversation between Three Pastors (who do not initially agree) on Race, Christianity, and the Church

Psalm 10 Expository Sermons on Injustice

Christian Resources on Ethnocentric Oppression in America Today (Racism)

Should a Pastor Get a PhD? Some online answers

Psalm 8 Expository Sermons and Resources

A Lament for Christians Grieved by Fellow Christians Who Deny Ethnocentric Oppression on our African American Neighbors Today in Light of Mr. Arbery's Killing

Dr. Abner Chou on Revelation

Psalm 7 Expository Sermons

Psalm 6: How To Proceed When You Can't See Your Way Forward

Should Churches Do Sunday Sermon Videos & Zoom Meetings OR Wait Until the can Meet Again? Reflecting on a 9Marks Pastors' Talk

Expository Sermons on Psalm 6

"What Desiring God and the Pastoral Staff of Bethlehem Baptist Church Emphasize in Their Teaching"

Resources for Pastors Considering Sunday Gatherings in light of the New Coronavirus

Tim Chester Teaching on Revelation

Christ-Centered Expositions for the Church: 2 Peter

9Marks: A Conference on the Gospel at Midwestern Seminary (February, 2020)

Looking for a Church in Los Angeles

6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog