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My non-Christian friend asked: If being a Christian is all about trusting in Jesus Christ, why do I need the church?

White Supremacy Movement Manifest in Washington DC

Different Christian Articles on the Election Results

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4 Ways of Talking about God to Anyone at Any Time: Tim Chester's 4 Gs

If You're Not a Christian, this is the One Message You Must Understand

"Why Should I Respect a Capricious, Mean-minded, Stupid God Who Creates a World So Full of Injustice and Pain?" - Stephen Fry

An Obsessive Desire I Think All Christians Should Have

How to Walk Christians through Articulating the Gospel

3 Keys to Experiencing God-given Peace of Heart and Mind

God's activity in our tragedy

What is Biblical Theology? with Jim Hamilton (Alumni Academy at Southern Seminary)

New Testament Theology Lecture Videos with Tom Schreiner

Should Churches Just Preach the Gospel or Should they Address Ethnic Injustice? Russ Moore vs. John MacArthur

"It would have been better for that man if he had not been born." - Jesus Christ (Mark 14.21)

In Conflict? Get Off the Correction Spiral

Prayer Requests for My 2016 Birthday

6 Theses on Pastors Helping Other Pastors

“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” – God

What should parents say when children ask, "What does this communion ritual mean?"

What Do You Love about Your Church?

A Tribute: The Glory of God through Brother Al Hilte

How Easter Changed My Life Trajectory

Did the Father forsake his Son Jesus on the Cross?

Our Church's Story and the Current Fork in the Road

5 Things to Look for in a Church

A Missionary Mindset

Being the Only Person who Doesn't Understand Spanish at a Spanish Church Gathering

Inject Your Prayer List with Life

For Pastors: Mark Dever on Church Numbers, Growth, the Size of Your Church, Your Popularity, and Your Spirituality

Seeing Jesus on the Stage of Marriage

7 Things I've Learned from My Dad

Loving Church Discipline - 9Marks Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Notes on the Lecture “The Future of Baptist Associations and State Conventions” by Mike Day

What is the Local Church?

Why a DMin and not a PhD?

Why am I going back to school for a Doctorate in Biblical Theology?

Be a Church through whom Everyone Encounters Jesus